Una firma per Chuck 6


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2012-09-22 20:50

Fellow #Chuckster, Monday, 09/24 is the 5th anniversary of #Chuck. On this day, fellow #Chucksters and I are going to tweet Tweet #Chuckmovie to @WarnerBrosEnt and try to get #Chuckmovie trending on twitter. If we succeed, we'll be one step closer to getting a #Chuckmovie. I asj you as a fellow #chuckster to join the cause by tweeting #Chuckmovie to @WarnerBrosEnt on Monday So we can get it trending. I also ask that you all spread the word to both your followers and to other #Chucksters to do the same And to ask them to spread the word to other fellow #Chucksters as well. The more people who participate on Monday, the better. So spread the word fellow #Chuckster! We will bombard @WarnerBrosEnt with #Chuckmovie and get their attention! #Chucksters Unite