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2012-09-25 15:15

my name is James Basty and I'm not it on twitter on facebook because they can not find them at all interesting and intelligent, you lose too much time there.



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2012-09-25 16:07:37

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Frankly, the news that you have given us about the film Chuck is hard to believe. Us fans, we hope that is true ..... but let's stay with his feet firmly on the ground because, take the piss people who believe in what they do, who struggle every day to achieve a big goal, you would have only one person worthless (no offense).


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2012-09-26 13:18:04

#2541: CHUCKSTERS.0590 -

You said you're in Los Angeles, can I ask how did you find our petition?. My only curiosity. And the film Chuck, do you have any other news for us?.