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2012-09-26 15:56

simple ... I found it on the internet ... and then you are one of signposting petitions, which is working hard, and are also known in America ... I am a member that is part of a group that went Warner Bros, just for a movie CHUCK .... the latest news is good, even meraviglose because as I said the film will be and Warner Bros. already has a contract with the sponsor and when the players who are to participate in the film will end their projects you can start with the filming ... from what I read you too have had confirmation of this.



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2012-09-27 18:06:45

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Here we are all very curious to know if there are further news about the film.
I am a naive but I believe in everything you said .... That you're in Los Angeles .... you are a member of those who went before the WB to protest ... but above all that the film will be because found a sponsor .... but if what you said is not true if you only used to take us for a ride ... to have fun behind us because you do not have nothing else to do ... Know that it is not the end of the world ... We're used to "blows".